The Village Tavern
Dining room


June 2017

“'At about 15-20 minutes into the battle, the host, Ken Tuccio, asked him: How do you think is your dad is doing right now on a scale from one to ten?" And he said FIVE! I looked at him and I thought (as I was chopping the peppers) that he might be right...I needed to step up the game!' says Germano. 'That's when I got the clear vision in my head of what my final dish was going to be,' he says.”

Greenwich Time

May 2017

“...a place where families could come and find dishes that would please everyone in the group — Chicken Lollipops for the kids, Caesar salad for mom, New York strip steak for dad — a place where a single guy could pop in, sit at the bar and order a beer and fish ’n’ chips, where ladies who lunch would be comfortable, whether alone or with a group of friends. [...] a restaurant that was fun and engaging and a culinary cultural crossroads.”

Westchester Magazine

April 2017

“The charm of the tavern, however, was in their welcoming feel. The Village Tavern has managed to elevate the experience of its namesake by offering upscale dining and craft cocktails in a place that’s equally as welcoming as a pre-Prohibition tavern.”

TownVibe: Ridgefield

March/April 2017

“The muted, black-and-white photos, well-lit bar, and brown-leather booths provide a homey, upscale pub feel. With impressive yet moderately priced food, the Village Tavern is here to stay.”

TownVibe: Wilton

March/April 2017

“The long-awaited opening of Village Tavern on Main Street, filling the Dog & Pony space, was met warmly in late January. Created by restaurateurs, chefs Bruno DiFabio and Germano Minin, and Ridgefielder Joe Chelednik, Village Tavern is sure to be a hit.”


March 2017

“The renovation of the space created an upscale tavern feel with vintage black-and-white photos on the walls, large wooden bar and brown leather seats. One wall features a mural of Brunetti’s Market painted on bricks obtained from a church that was torn down in Chicago. Brunetti’s was a market at that location until it closed in 1990.”